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Phoenix A2 Percussion Muscle Massage Gun by Hyper Phoenix
Phoenix PRO-A3 Percussion Muscle Massage Gun by Hyper Phoenix
Phoenix Vibrating Black Ball+ Percussion Therapy by Hyper Phoenix
Phoenix Air Recovery Compression System Therapy by Hyper Phoenix
Carbon Phoenix PRO-A3 percussion muscle massage gun
Carbon Phoenix PRO-A3 percussion muscle massage gun

A high quality upgrade !

The new Phoenix PRO-A3 offers the power of a professional quality massage treatment for everyone. From advanced ergonomics to battery life, each function is designed to deliver a symphony of performance and variability, bringing you a whole new massage experience tailored to your different needs.

Cordless, ultra quiet and lightweight, the Phoenix PRO-A3 is designed to go anywhere and everywhere. Take it outside or inside. Use it discreetly at work or after your workouts. Thanks to its battery life, the best in the industry, you can enjoy more than 4 hours of use per charge.

Extremely Lightweight

The Phoenix PRO-A3 is the lightest massage gun available today. It adapts to any situation and its lightness makes it very easy to use even during long sessions.

Customizable Speeds

The Quite-Motor of Phoenix has 30 speed settings, and ranges from 1'200 to 3'500 percussions per minute to offer you the best percussion massage experience.

Rechargeable Battery

To charge the battery fully, the charging time will take approximately 2 hours. When fully charged, it can last up to 4 hours (dependent on power level setting).

Phoenix Accessories

The Phoenix PRO-A3 massage gun comes with a carrying case, six different interchangeable massage heads, a charging cable and a charging base.

Benefits of Percussion

The combination of pressure and short, sharp pulses from the massage gun helps to reduce muscle tightness, increase flexibility, and reduce soreness.

Rapid and Smart

Using the Phoenix for warming up tight muscles after training only takes a couple of minutes, it's a quick and effective way to enhance your best performances.

Appreciated by Athletes

The Phoenix PRO-A3 is widely used by professional athletes to improve muscle recovery and warm-up, and by physiotherapists and chiropractors.

Scientifically Proven

Scientific studies have been conducted into the benefits of percussion and vibrating therapy, proving the technology really works to get deep into the muscles.


✔ Improves range of motion and flexibility

✔ Reduces recovery time and fatigue

✔ Accelerates warmup time

✔ Clears the muscles of lactic acid

✔ Promotes blood circulation

✔ Enhances muscle performance

✔ Reduces muscle soreness and stiffness

Silver Phoenix PRO-A3 percussion muscle massage gun


✔ 30 Customizable Speed Range

✔ 1’200 –3’500 PPM (Percussions Per Minute)

✔ 6 Interchangeable Head Attachments

✔ Lightweight (1.7lbs/0.8Kg)

✔ Quite-Motor <55dB

✔ 2'400mAh Battery Life, 240 Minutes

✔ Digital Touch Screen

✔ 65lbs Stall Force

Black Phoenix PRO-A3 percussion muscle massage gun