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Phoenix A2 Percussion Muscle Massage Gun by Hyper Phoenix
Phoenix PRO-A3 Percussion Muscle Massage Gun by Hyper Phoenix
Phoenix Vibrating Black Ball+ Percussion Therapy by Hyper Phoenix
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Best Phoenix A2 percussion muscle massage gun percussion massager Phoenix
Best Phoenix A2 percussion muscle massage gun percussion massager Phoenix

Best seller in 2020 !

Phoenix A2 is an original collection developed and designed for elite athletes, sports enthusiasts or anyone else looking for a healthier lifestyle. This revolutionary sports accessory is also very popular and appreciated by physiotherapists and chiropractors. The Phoenix A2 massage gun is ideal for those who want to massage the entire body and muscles, boost recovery and training, and stimulate sports performance.

With a user-friendly, lightweight and ergonomic design, the Phoenix A2 allows you to feel comfortable in your hand and becomes easy to hold and use. Its various features, specifications and accessories guarantee you a 100% customizable massage experience and make the Phoenix A2 the best and most accessible percussion massage device available on the market today.

Portable and Lightweight

The Phoenix A2 weighs less than 1.9lbs/1Kg, which makes it very easy to transport and therefore is usable everywhere, whether it’s at home, work, or at the gym.

Customizable Speeds

This model of massage gun Phoenix A2 has 3 power settings, which makes it ideal for everyone to meet the different needs of muscle recovery.

Rechargeable Battery

To charge the battery fully, the charging time will take approximately 3 hours. When fully charged, it can last up to 3 hours (dependent on power level setting).

Phoenix Accessories

The Phoenix A2 massage gun comes with a carrying case, four different interchangeable massage heads, a charging cable and, optionally, a charging base.

Benefits of Percussion

The combination of pressure and short, sharp pulses from the massage gun helps to reduce muscle tightness, increase flexibility, and reduce soreness.

Rapid and Smart

Using the Phoenix for warming up tight muscles after training only takes a couple of minutes, it's a quick and effective way to enhance your best performances.

Appreciated by Athletes

Phoenix A2 massage guns are widely used by professional athletes to improve muscle recovery and warm-up, and by physiotherapists and chiropractors.

Scientifically Proven

Scientific studies have been conducted into the benefits of percussion and vibrating therapy, proving the technology really works to get deep into the muscles.

Treat your muscles right.

It will be a revolutionary part of your recovery routine. Portable, ligtweight and powerful, the Phoenix percussion massage gun is one of the latest inventions created for the muscle recovery process and since its introduction in 2018, it has become the preferred device of many athletes around the world who are looking to take care of their muscle therapy and recovery process.

It is widely recognized that the Phoenix percussion massage gun gives the same results as a deep tissue massage. The advantage of this is that, by following your timetable, you can get all the advantages in your most convenient time within minutes.

Whether you're in sports or just exercise enthusiast, it makes it easier to manage your well-being and health lifestyle.

Carbon Silver Crystal Phoenix A2 percussion muscle massage gun

Get the benefits of percussion therapy.

Percussion therapy accelerates and enhances the repair of muscle fiber by providing rapid bursts of pressure in concentrated, short-duration pulses deep into the tissues of the body. The pressure is applied dozens of times per second, creating a vibrating sensation when you use it.

Percussion therapy improves the circulation of blood and lymph around the body, which makes the muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients. This results in rapid recovery, improved motion range, relief of pain, and relief of muscle tiredness and soreness.

Including calming the muscles and alleviating discomfort, there are many other health benefits of massage guns. It requires increased mobility, better sleep, and enhanced immunity. It also deals with depression and anxiety, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, and insomnia associated with tension.