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Phoenix A2 Percussion Muscle Massage Gun by Hyper Phoenix
Phoenix PRO-A3 Percussion Muscle Massage Gun by Hyper Phoenix
Phoenix Vibrating Black Ball+ Percussion Therapy by Hyper Phoenix
Phoenix Air Recovery Compression System Therapy by Hyper Phoenix

Affiliate Program

Love Phoenix? Want to be a Brand Ambassador?

Phoenix was founded in 2018 by sport entrepreneurs. Providing targeted treatments for specific recovery and sports performance problems at very affordable prices is our goal.

We are looking for sites and/or blogs, pages of influencers that deal with and develop the following themes:
- Medical center related to physical recovery, well-being, relaxation;
- Fitness, physical and/or muscular exercises;
- Sports halls or dance halls;
- Sports training and recovery for athletes;
- Physiotherapists and chiropractors;
- Professional masseur.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is essentially a person or company with a website or a blog that promotes brands like Phoenix on their site. If a user comes to your site and off the back of your site referral, ends up purchasing a product from that brand's site, you get paid a percentage commission of that total basket value sale.

What am I meant to do as an affiliate?

Promote Phoenix on your site. This can be done via a variety of methods:

  • Placing our banner ads on your website/blog;
  • Adding affiliate text links to your website/blog (essentially trackable hyperlinks to our product pages);
  • Utilizing our product feed to showcase the whole range of products we offer.

Benefits of the Phoenix affiliate program

  • We pay a highly competitive base rate of 9% commission per sale (excludes shipping, taxes and returns);
  • Strong site conversion rate of 2.5%;
  • Free to join the affiliate program;
  • Access to exclusive affiliate only offers and promotions.

Great? So how do I get started?

  • Drop us an email to with your site URL and name.
  • We'll review your site and let you know whether it's suitable and help you get set up on our affiliate program.
  • If you would like to start sign up already, click here.