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Charge the Phoenix A2 once it arrives until the battery indicator lights on the back of the device show it to be charged with green lights.

You can also use the charging plug light (red or green) to indicate whether or not the device is fully charged.

NOTE: Always charge the Phoenix A2 with the device switched "off" using the on/off switch located on the bottom of the handle/battery.

1. Turn on the Phoenix A2 by pressing the power button once before making contact with your body. Simply push and pull head attachments to insert or remove.

2. Press the speed button to toggle between the 3 levels of intensity. Pressing the power button once will turn the massage gun on to level 1. Pressing twice will toggle to level 2, and pressing 3 times will toggle to level 3.

3. For muscle activation, recovery, and pain relief, simply float the Phoenix A2 on muscles that need the most attention - it was designed to do all the work for you. Gradually apply pressure as needed.

Click here to see our Instruction Manual for more information.

Depending on the desired result, we recommend using the Phoenix A2 for a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes per muscle group.

A full-body session should not exceed 15 minutes. Treat yourself 2-3 times per day.


Activate muscles during your workout or any activity by using the Phoenix A2 for 10-15 seconds on the muscle group. This will re-energize, relieve muscle spasms and fatigue, and keep muscles active.


Prior to workouts or physical activity, float the Phoenix A2 for up to 30 seconds to instantly activate and "wake up" your muscles.


Float the Phoenix A2 for up to 2 minutes for muscle recovery post-workout to decrease soreness, and on any muscles that require immediate pain relief.

The Phoenix A2 can also help with muscle tension related to nerve damage, atrophy, arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

You can use the PHOENIX massage gun every day if you would like, but it’s probably not necessary. You want your muscles to be able to repair, so you wouldn’t use a massager after each workout or before each workout unless you were constantly in muscle pain. 

If you ever feel that your massage is causing more pain or you experience more pain from using massage guns, then you should contact your doctor immediately and see what you can do about your muscle tension through warm wraps and traditional massage.

Most of the time, percussion massage guns are meant to help with rehabilitation by breaking up scar tissue. 

Percussion massage is not just for athletes or those who are following an exercise regime. Percussion massage guns can be used by:

-Those who have received some type of soft tissue injury
-Individuals who experience aches and pains that are job or task-related
-It is great for helping the muscles to relax that are stiff and tense from stress
-It can often help those who suffer from chronic pain conditions

Aside from the benefits of pain relieve the additional benefits that come with percussion massage guns are they can be a money and time saver. Think about how much manual massages cost when provided by massage professionals. Then there is the inconvenience of trying to get an appointment when you need it the most. Then there is the time factor of having to set aside time to attend an appointment. Massage guns eliminate both of these problems.


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PHOENIX products come with a 1 year warranty as standard. 

An extension of the warranty up to 2 years is possible in the product options. 

Click here for more information on what the warranty does and does not cover. Generally speaking, the warranty does not cover any damages caused by the user including drops, over-watting the power and misuse of the machinery.

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- Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery to the rest of the world.
- Handling time is 1-3 business days.

 If you did not receive the product within the guaranteed time (45 days not including processing time), you can request a refund or a reshipment. If you received the wrong item you can request a refund or a reshipment.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We offer risk-free ironclad 14-days guarantee. If you do not want the product you've received you may request a return to us with no restocking fee for refund, but you must return the item at your expense.

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