What are the characteristics of Phoenix A2?

The Phoenix A2 handheld massager gun since its first appearance in the market is steadily becoming the best body massage companion for athletes and everyone who loves a relaxed and pain-free body.

As a cutting-edge alternative to the traditional hand massage, this handheld massage gun is an amazing product that helps with weight loss, warm-up, deep tissue massage, healthy blood flow and circulation, fatigue elimination, body relaxation, and muscle soreness relief in your home, office, gym, and yoga class.

Lightweight and Multifunctional

This massager gun is very compact, sturdy, lightweight, and comes in a box that makes carrying it about easy and convenient. It comes in an adequate weight for steady one-hand operation, and has a non-slip rubber handle gives a perfect grip and reduces vibration transmission to your hand.

It is cordless and features four interchangeable massage heads to help the user comfortably relax different body parts.

The fork massage head is designed for the spine; flathead, for any part of the body; bullet head, for joints; round head, for large muscle groups.

Speed Control With Super Quiet Functioning

This physical therapy massager also features three-speed settings that give you total control of how gentle or intense you want your massage to be. While most handheld massagers come with a loud noise that is not desirable, this massage gun stays quiet throughout use.

Long Battery Life

With just one single charge, this handheld massage gun will last for two or more hours depending on how much you keep it in use. It has a LED battery level indicator to remind the user to recharge power on time.

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